New Year's Intention Workshop - Sunday, January 17 9am-4:30pm


Time & Location

Date: Sunday, January 17

Time: 9am-4:30pm, Lunch Break: 12:00pm-1:30pm

Angelic Roots

8612 S Market Place, Oak Creek, WI, 53172

About The Event

Are you ready for the New Year? Do you want to spend the day releasing and recharging for 2021? Come join Angelic Roots for a full day of reflection, healing and manifesting—a full day focusing on you! This full day class will be led by Laurie Rodic and Amy Ramirez.

This New Year's Workshop will be an intimate gathering (class limit set to 8 students to follow social distancing requirements & COVID guidelines) geared towards reflecting on the past year and manifesting what you want to bring into the new year. The day will begin with some reflection and discussion around the past year. Laurie and Amy will then be guiding you through a releasing and manifestation ceremony/ritual. They will be using sound, vibrations and Reiki healing energy to assist with releasing of emotions and or energy you may still be holding onto from the year. The sound healing will prepare you for opening up to the new energy and intentions that you want to set for 2021. The afternoon will be focused upon determining and focusing your energy on those intentions. Laurie and Amy will be guiding you through the process and providing you with some tools for bringing your wants and desires into reality!

In-Person Option:


  • Alchemy Box, Notebook & Exercises
  • Essential Oil and Flower Essences
  • Sound Bath & Healing Meditation
  • Crystal Grid for 2021
  • Light refreshments & catered lunch from Panera
  • Follow-up ceremony at the end of the year for Winter Solstice
  • Feeling relaxed and prepared for the New Year!


    • Please wear something comfortable and masks are required. Bring a mat, blanket, pillow and whatever you need to be completely comfortable.
    • If you attended our 2020 New Year's Workshop, please bring your Alchemy Box.

    Virtual Option:

    Items Included in the Workshop: 

    • Alchemy Box, Notebook & Exercises [shipped out]
    • Essential Oil and Flower Essences samples [shipped out]
    • Sound Healing and Reiki Meditation [in-class]
    • Crystal Grid [shipped out]
    • Follow-up ceremony at the end of the year for Winter Solstice
    • Feeling relaxed and prepared for the New Year! [priceless!]


    • Quiet space at home and wear comfortable clothes
    • Computer with camera and charger
    • Writing utensil 
    • If you attended our 2020 New Year's Workshop, please have it with you
        Laurie is a Spiritual Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Specialist who co-owns Angelic Roots with her husband, Djuro Rodic.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and her passion is understanding how thoughts and emotions affect the physical body. She believes there is a strong link between the Mind, Body, Spirit and overall well-being of each individual person.

        Amy’s background is in secondary education and she has years of experience teaching in a high school classroom. She is a Reiki practitioner and loves sharing her spiritual knowledge with others. She is excited to transfer the knowledge of having an engaging and successful class by providing quality classes and workshops at Angelic Roots.

        Please sign our Consent & Liability Waiver prior to arrival.

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