Palo Santo Hand Carved Angel

These beautifully hand carved Palo Santo Angels are sustainably sourced from trees that have come down naturally. Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from Peru. It's highly regarded by the indigenous people for its healing properties, and used for calming, grounding, spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, healing, and to inspire creativity. Palo Santo is a spiritual cleanser with a rich, sweet aroma that wards off negative emotions.

Large: Approximately 2.25"x3.5"x6" || 225 grams

Small: 2.5"x1.25"x3.25" || 22 grams

All items are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused.

Note: The listing is for one (1) Palo Santo Angel, and the photo is a representation of the product that will be intuitively chosen just for you. Natural products vary in size, color, and shape. All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education. Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.

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